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The Department of General Medicine in Shah Alam Hospital is a designated secondary care service provider to serve the general medical needs of the population in the district of Petaling.

We aspire to be a centre for giving excellent general medical services and high quality care.


  1. We are committed to be responsive to the healthcare needs of the society we serve, through excellence in all our endeavours focused on providing an efficient, high quality, comprehensive, and holistic clinical service in general medicine.
  2. We continuously strive to improve patient care by working in close partnership with our colleagues, fellow healthcare teams, our patients, their families, and the community at large.
  3. We are dedicated to enhance the quality of life of our patients through personalized care plans in a manner that is sensitive to their cultural, racial, and religious differences in an environment of compassion, understanding and friendliness.
  4. Promote audit and research to improve quality of care.


  1. To provide high quality medical service to our patients through teamwork and advanced technology.
  2. To ensure our service providers are well-equipped with essential knowledge and skills.
  3. Promote research and audit to improve the quality of our service.
  4. To develop close cooperation and ties with other national and international institutions in order to promote collaborative activity in research and academy.


  1. General Services
    1. Medical Inpatient Services
    2. Medical Outpatient Services
    3. Daycare Services
  2. Visiting Specialists Services
    1. Nephrology
  3. Other Services
    1. Dialysis service (Haemodialysis and CAPD)
    2. Diabetic resource centre
    3. Non-invasive cardiac unit


The General Medical Specialist Clinic is located at level 3

The services provided at the Specialist Clinic include:

  • Consultations on general medicine
  • Counseling services
  • Organization of imaging and other diagnostic procedures
  • Follow-up care of patients discharged from ward
  • Blood or specimen taking and Mantoux test
  • Non-invasive diagnostic tests (Electrocardiogram , Echocardiogram, 24 hours Ambulatory Holter Monitoring, Treadmill Exercise Stress Test, Lung Function Test)


  • It will function as a referral clinic as opposed to a walk-in clinic.
  • MOH guidelines on referrals and the regulations in the whole hospital policy shall govern the service.
  • All cases are seen on an appointment basis.
  • Appointment can be made at the General Medical Specialist Clinic [new and follow-up Cases]. – Specialists and Medical Officers will review referral letters and decide on an appointment date.
  • Request for appointment by phone must be backed by letter or fax detailing the case.
  • Walk-in patients without prior arrangement will be informed of the service design and will be guided to fulfil the necessary protocol.
  • A valid letter of guarantee or payment is required at registration.

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