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Jabatan Anestesiologi



The Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care provides peri-operative anaesthetic care and pain management (acute pain service and labour analgesia service) for patient undergoing surgery or diagnostic procedures.

The department also provides care for the critically ill including both surgical and medical patients, requiring intensive monitoring, intervention or advanced life support.

The Department’s objectives are:

  • to provide safe anaesthesia and analgesia;
  • to provide high standard of critical care in a safe and professional manner;
  • to care for the critically ill patients in an integrated intensive care/high dependency unit to ensure provision of continuous and high standard of quality care;
  • to provide the level of care appropriate to the size and overall function of the hospital. The level of care shall also be determined by the facilities and expertise available in the unit; and
  • to provide total clinical services in a patient–friendly environment.



The Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care of Hospital Shah Alam endeavours to be the centre of excellence of anaesthesia and intensive care medicine in a safe and comfortable environment in partnership with other relevant services to the complete satisfaction of our patients.



The Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care of Hospital is committed to the provision of quality anaesthesia, intensive care and

pain management services in partnership with other departments and services in the hospital. We are guided by the principles of caring services, professionalism, team work, quality and excellence.



      (i) Anaesthesia for Elective and Emergency Operations

Safe and effective anaesthesia services are provided for a wide range of cases and age groups from paediatrics to geriatric patients.

The surgical disciplines that are catered for include General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Oral Surgery, Paediatric Dental Surgery, Ophthalmology and Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

There are also two emergency lists, providing anaesthesia for all emergency cases including obstetric cases which are running for 24 hours.

      (ii) Intensive Care Services

The Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Shah Alam is a multidisciplinary 21-bed unit comprising of 7Intensive Care Beds and 14 High Dependency Beds.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) refers to care performed in a separate, specially staffed and equipped hospital unit dedicated to the observation, care and treatment of patients with life threatening or potentially life-threatening conditions. Such conditions should be compatible with recovery and have the potential for an acceptable future quality of life.

An ICU provides specialized, expertise and facilities with the aim to restore vital organs function to normal and utilizes the skills of medical, nursing and other staff well experienced in the management of these problems.

       (iii) Pain Management Services

The Acute Pain Service (APS) provides analgesia for acute pain management and shall be part of continuing perioperative anaesthetic care.

The Obstetric Analgesia Service (OAS) provides epidural analgesia to mothers during labour. Patient may either be those who personally request for epidural during labour or those where epidural analgesia is medically indicated, as determined by the OAS team or obstetrician.

        (iv) Day-Care Anaesthesia

Day-care anaesthesia service shall be provided in an integrated set-up using the existing OT complex and facilities.

In day-care anaesthesia, patients shall be admitted, operated and discharged on the same day. The standard of care shall be the same as for inpatients.

        (v) Anaesthetic Clinic

The anaesthetic clinic is an outpatient clinic that carries out

pre-operative assessment of patients scheduled for elective surgery.

The objectives of the Anaesthetic Clinic are:

    • to ensure that patients are in optimal state of health preoperatively;
    • to ensure anaesthesia management is planned appropriately;
    • to make appropriate referrals to the relevant disciplines as and when necessary; and
    • to educate patients pertaining to anaesthesia and other related procedures.

        (vi) Haemodynamic and Respiratory Unit

This unit shall be the front line in managing equipments within ICU, HDW, operating theatres and other areas designated by the Head of Department.

The personnel of the unit shall liaise with Hospital Maintenance Unit regarding major repairs and scheduled servicing of equipment.


Head of Department:

Dr. Abu Bakar H. Ahmad (MMC No: 31223)

Tel: 03-55263000

Cetak Emel

Ikuti Kami

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