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The Information Technology Division was established in March 2013 and headed by Grade F41 Information Technology Officer. It consists of a Senior Information Technology Assistant Officer, an Assistant Information Technology Officer and two Computer Technicians.


Encourage the use of ICT in administration and service more efficiently and effectively.


To provide quality, professional, effective and efficient services to meet the needs and expectations of all residents of Shah Alam Hospital.


Enhanced ICT management efficiency to support the strategic needs of Shah Alam Hospital and to inculcate ICT among its citizens.



Manage, maintain and coordinate hospital ICT infrastructure.

Manage and maintain networks.

Monitor system applications.

Technical Assistance

Managing assist and technical support ie First Level Support and Help Desk on equipment, software, applications and ICT networks.


Plan and implement ICT courses to staff of Shah Alam Hospital.

Planning and implementing ICT procurement.

Designing hospital network infrastructure.

Planning spare parts need.


Manage and monitoring internal application systems according to current needs / departments / units.

Upgrades and improves network infrastructure as needed.


Manage and monitor member emails.

Manage and monitor ICT assets.

1. Main line 03- 55263000 / 03-55263400

2.  Head of Department :

Shazalienna Binti Saharudin

Head of Information Technology Division

Information Technology Division

  • 24 July 2020.

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