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The Unit of Forensic Medicine is a part of the clinical services for the hospitals in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The Unit of Forensic Medicine was established in the year 2014. The scope of services is to provide forensic medicine services which cover forensic pathology and clinical forensic services. The unit is headed by a forensic medical officer. Forensic pathology is a branch of forensic medicine that deals with the investigation of death whilst clinical forensic medicine is a branch of forensic medicine that deals with the living.


To deliver excellent and impartial Forensic Medicine Services and consultation


  1. To ensure continuous improvement in forensic medicine services as well as to strategically promote public awareness through quality and customer-oriented culture.

  1. To serve the community in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and corporate culture values of the Ministry of Health.

  1. To provide safe and quality forensic medicine services through competent personnel and adequate infrastructural facilities.


  1. To provide forensic medicine services in accordance with the requirements of the laws of Malaysia and in compliance with the current quality standards.

  2. To manage hospital deaths.

  3. To perform forensic autopsies and provide assistance in medico-legal inquiries of deaths.

  4. To provide consultations and guidance in the management of clinical forensic cases.

  5. To ensure the management of forensic evidence complies with the chain of custody and law of evidence.


  1. Receiving and registration of dead bodies

  2. Storage of dead bodies

  3. Post-mortem examinations

  4. Clinical forensic medicine services

  5. Medico-legal specimen handling

  6. Management of forensic records

  7. Providing facilities for last rites management by relatives

  8. Release of bodies/body parts to claimant /authorised person

  9. Providing post-mortem reports

  10. Management of unclaimed/unknown dead bodies

  11. Assisting transplant organ procurement team

  12. Medico-legal consultation related to forensic medicine services

  13. Giving evidence in court

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